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Former City Council President

Kerry Kincaid

"I support Eric Larsen for the WI 91st State Assembly seat. I worked with Eric during his tenure on the Eau Claire City Council, where I found him to be a thoughtful and calming leader. He is a statesman and a gentleman who will bring these much needed qualities to his service in Madison."


Former City Council Member

Kathleen Mitchell

"It is my privilege to endorse Eric Larsen for the 91st District Assembly seat.  Eric was a colleague on the Eau Claire City Council.  He is an accomplished legislator who knows how to get things done for his constituents.  He listens well and will work hard with citizens and fellow legislators to solve problems in our district and the State.  Eric is honest and fair and his ethics are beyond reproach.  His communication skills are outstanding and will serve us well in the legislature.  Eric Larsen is by far the best candidate for the 91st District."

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James Hanke

"I am happy to endorse Eric Larsen for State Assembly. Eric is a proven community leader with a strong understanding of the issues. His common sense approach to public policy will be a real benefit to the people he represents, and his open communication style will guarantee that all sides have an opportunity to provide input in the important issues facing the State of Wisconsin. As a former law enforcement official and a former City Council member in Eau Claire Eric has demonstrated a deep level of understanding when it comes to the issues and he will be a real champion for our region in Madison. His engaging support for the Confluence Project is just one of many examples of how Eric consistently engages and seeks input to formulate his positions, and I look forward to watching Eric bring that same approach to the State Assembly. "


Retired Police Sergeant

Bill Slaggie

"I am writing this in support of Eric Larsen for State Assembly.  I have known and worked with Eric for approximately 20 years.  During this time, he has demonstrated himself to be an honest and caring person.  He has always fought for the rights of everyone, with the ultimate goal of doing what is right for the community."

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Endorsement - Trullingers.JPG

Former District Attorney

Rich White

"I am pleased to endorse the election campaign of Eric Larsen for the 91st Assembly District. I can not imagine a more qualified candidate for this position than an individual who has served the City of Eau Claire as both Deputy Police Chief and as a member of the Eau Claire City Council. That is only part of Eric's background qualifying him for this position. As a former District Attorney, I can state from personal experience that Eric is an individual of immense talent and integrity. "


Larsen "Besties"

Jim & Carol Trullinger

"We have known Eric Larsen for over 20 years. In that time Eric has consistently demonstrated honesty and integrity. Eric has served the country as a member of the United States Navy, the City of Eau Claire as a police officer in a leadership role and on City Council. Eric has been an active member and leader in the community promoting positive changes for the people of Eau Claire.

Eric has a desire to serve the people of the 91st assembly district as our representative in Madison.  In this role, we know that he will bring energy and enthusiasm to this role.  Eric works to get to know what the issues are and has the ability to look at them from all sides.  

Eric is a family man, loves his children and grandchildren.  Eric is not a “politician” like many of the ones that are polarizing our communities and country today, but one who is looking out for the people of the community and the future or his and all of our families."

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Dan Freund

"I endorse Eric because no other candidate can match his experience, knowledge, and skill. His 28 years with the Eau Claire police department gave him a unique opportunity to interact with and get to know all segments our community. Then, when he retired, he continued to serve the public as a city council member. This work not only gave him experience with the legislative process, it also gave him a front-row seat to see the real-world effect at the local level of the laws passed by our state legislature. In these times we need to elect a person who will “hit the ground running” for us in Madison. Eric is that person!"

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Endorsement - Matysik.jpg

Defense Attorney

Harry Hertel

"I heartily endorse Eric Larsen to serve Eau Claire's 91st Assembly District. As defense attorney, I saw him as a highly professional, well-prepared police officer, testifying truthfully, treating suspects fairly, and working tirelessly in his supervisory and administrative roles.

As a parent, I saw him respond to an attack on my daughter which left her with a fractured skull, showing compassion, and respect to her, a commitment to make sure the perpetrators were arrested, and kind support for her two frantic parents. 

Finally, I observed Eric's dedication to Eau Claire during his service on the City Council. He was a voice of wisdom and reason, helping our community during debate and sponsorship of financial and non-financial matters.

Eau Claire will be well served with Eric in Madison."


Retired Eau Claire Police Chief

Jerry Matysik

"I am pleased to endorse Eric Larsen for State Assembly. Eric is very well-qualified for this position and has a great deal of experience in working with citizens to solve community problems. During my tenure as Chief of Police at the Eau Claire Police Department, I worked very closely with Eric. I observed him approach his work with thoughtfulness, fairness, enthusiasm, and integrity. He will bring the same qualities to the State Legislature."

Endorsement - DeRosier.jpg

Former County Board Supervisor

John DeRosier

"I have known Eric since his days on the Eau Claire City Council. He has always been a man of integrity. He supports collective bargaining and he will represent the people and not just the corporations. I proudly endorse Eric for our Wisconsin State Assembly"

Endorsements - Wall.jpg

Former Wisconsin Corrections Secretary

Ed Wall

"I have known and worked with Eric for 20 years. Whether in critical law enforcement actions, engaging the public, or simply doing the right thing, Eric always made sound judgements and led with principal. He is ethical, compassionate, energizing, and a leader in the truest sense of the word. He has my complete support and I would encourage anyone who wants to see a change in Madison to stand with Eric and bring common sense back to a political atmosphere that has devolved into chaos."

Endorsement - Smiars.JPG

Dr. Nick Smiar

Former Historic Randall Park Neighborhood Association President Helene Smiar

"We are happy to endorse Eric for the 91st District Assembly seat.   We know Eric through his work on behalf of our neighborhood, Historic Randall Park, both when he was patrolling our streets and when he would support neighborhood concerns that came before City Council.  He participated in our neighborhood association meetings when invited, and he would enter into discussions with an open mind to better understand the unique needs of this university neighborhood.  He has been a strong advocate for student safety, while also balancing the quality of life issues in the neighborhood.  Considering his law enforcement and policy experience, we have no doubt he has the qualifications needed to be an effective legislator."

Selika_Ducksworth_Lawton_Volume One.jpg

UWEC History Professor and Community Leader

Dr. Selika Ducksworth-Lawton

"I am supporting Eric Larsen because he combines listening with respect, City Council experience, and an ability to bring people together. He tries to find workable compromises. He understands that legislation needs to be carefully crafted to avoid unexpected problems. In a field of good people, Eric Larsen has the leadership experience to stand out."

Endorsement - Moore.jpg

Former County Board Chair

Gregg Moore

"Eric’s collegial personality and excellent communication skills – both written and oral – would enable him to work well with fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle. I believe an effective legislator needs to be able to persuade and influence colleagues as well as support sound public policies.

Based on my 10 years as Chair of the Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors, I recognize that the delivery of important public services requires a strong partnership between state and local governments. I believe Eric’s experience on the Eau Claire City Council would be a valuable asset to the state legislature.

The citizens of the 91st Assembly District would be well served by Eric as their representative."

Endorsement - LEAP Forward.jpg

LEAP Forward Founder

Charles Yeganian

“I started LEAP Forward with a simple idea: that our citizens should be safe from the irresponsible and reckless use of firearms and that voters deserve to hear from those seeking to represent them when it comes to this important issue. Fortunately, candidates like Eric Larsen understand that gun violence is a political problem that can be solved politically. Eric’s calls for an assault weapons ban, a ban on high capacity magazines, and prohibiting possession of firearms by criminals are part of a comprehensive gun safety platform, and LEAP Forward is happy to endorse his candidacy.”

Endorsement - Ebert.jpg

Former Plan Commission Chair

Jenny Ebert

"I worked with Eric Larsen on the Eau Claire Plan Commission for several years, both when he was appointed as a City Council Member and when he was reappointed as a citizen member. Eric’s approach to problems is very fair and balanced. He can address and issue and find a solution that does the most good for the most people. As a retired police officer, he can also be tough and hold his ground when he needs to. I think this is something that our state legislature desperately needs. He will be a great asset for us in Madison."

Endorsement - Ziebell.jpg

Lloyd Ziebell

Retired union public employee

"We are supporting and voting for Eric Larsen. You will see his sign in our yard. He puts people first, a refreshing approach to our government today.

Eric's experience as a police officer and city council member gives him unique and valuable insight into the people of Wisconsin. I am just a citizen, but I feel confident that Eric will represent us in a knowledgeable and sensible way. That's why I like Eric so much."